F1 2022: Christian Horner and Toto Wolf war, Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, Paris Grand Prix

Disagreements between the two heavyweights of Formula 1 continue.

Red Bull’s top spokesman Christian Horner delivered the final blow when he responded to statements from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

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The FIA ​​has confirmed that a technical directive on the floor of Formula 1 cars will come into effect in August.

The change is to try to reduce car dolphinism, which has become a problem during Baku Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton left in agony.

Along with these changes, the FIA ​​is introducing new measures to prevent teams from changing genders following rumors that some of them have exploited a loophole.

This is where the war between Horner and Wolf erupts again as the Mercedes boss believes both Red Bull and Ferrari have gone beyond the rules.

“I think so. I was not able to compress the skids of some teams,” said Wolff, answering a question Sky Sport if he thought teams were pushing boundaries.

Wolf’s idea was quickly criticized by Horner, as he reiterated that his team was not breaking any rules with flexible flooring.

“That’s complete nonsense,” Horner insisted. “Absolutely no issues or issues on our floor.”

Horner also relayed the passage to the Mercedes boss, saying he “means the cars around him at the moment.” A farewell shot as Mercedes struggles to keep up with Red Bull and Ferrari.

The F1 season heads to Paris for the 14th race of the season, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen leading Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc by 38 points.

Mercedes duo Hamilton and George Russell are fifth and sixth respectively in the drivers’ standings, but Horner expects Mercedes to be faster in the French race.

The pair changed their form in the last races, with Hamilton finishing on the podium three times in a row.

Horner believes the recent results show that the team has dealt with their recent problems and can put them in the front row.

“We expect them to quickly [Paul] Rickard, Horner said. motorsport.com. “They show flashes of being there or thereabouts.

“The last two races have been pretty decent for them and there hasn’t been any sign that I’m thinking of any porpoise, so they seem to be slowly coming back into the game.”

As the title race continues to heat up, Horner believes the return of Mercedes will add further intrigue as Verstappen looks to claim his second consecutive world crown.

I think they will be rivals, he thought. “They are consistently scoring points.

“I’m not sure how far they are from constructors or drivers.” [championships] for now, but you know, sometimes having more cars in the game is a good thing. Sometimes this can be bad.

“But I think it’s great for fans to have six cars competing for wins.”

Originally published as Christian Horner and Toto Wolf continue to trade barbs as the ugly Formula One war rages on.