G-Dragon releases rock cover of Elvis song

ON THE On Sunday, singer G-Dragon released his version of Elvis Presley’s classic love song. I can’t help falling in love.

The original song, released in 1961, is one of the most iconic songs performed by the late Elvis and has been a favorite love song for many for over 60 years.

The K-pop star surprised listeners by turning the ballad version of the song into a frenetic rock ballad in the middle of the song. The song is available on G-Dragon’s YouTube channel.

The lead singer of Big Bang also wrote two other classic K-Pop songs: crooked as well as sober.

Last week, Baz Luhrmann, director of the critically acclaimed film Elviswhich is playing in theaters around the world, posted a video on his Instagram saying that he plans to ask different artists to also do their own covers of Elvis tracks.