Jacinda Ardern criticized for ‘terrible’ marriage to Joe Biden

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been criticized for choosing a present for Joe Biden, a cowrie bog bowl made from glazed wood harvested from trees that were buried 60,000 years ago.

The head of the Northern Land Environmental Society called Ms. Ardern’s gift “terrible”, insisting that the exchange of native plants and the damage the extraction process causes to the ecosystem was a serious “oversight”.

NEP chair Fiona Ferrell said the prime minister’s office needed to do more “investigation” when buying gifts for world famous people and she showed a “lack of care”.

“The marsh cowrie, of all things for a gift to America, really doesn’t suit us. It’s shocking after all the work we’ve done to try and protect these wetlands that produce marsh kauri,” chairman Fiona Ferrell told the local publication. RNZ.

“Any use of marsh kauri introduced by our government puts our wetlands at risk because now people will want more marsh kauri.”

“Have [Biden] could make the decision himself. Perhaps it could be brought back to New Zealand.”

In 2018, the New Zealand Supreme Court ruled that in order to be legally exportable, a marsh kauri item must be a product in its own right and in its final form, and must be ready to be fitted into a larger structure.

Ms Ardern’s office confirmed that the government purchased the gift from Nelson Parker, a businessman who was under investigation in 2019 for exporting wood products to China.

The criticism came after Ms Ardern called for “more transparency” about what China had agreed with the Solomon Islands during talks with Western leaders over security issues in the region.

The United States and its allies are concerned that China is using security assistance to establish a military foothold in the Pacific Islands.

Ardern expressed “deep concern” about any move that would “militarize our region”.

Washington will open missions in Tonga and Kiribati and appoint its first-ever Pacific Regional Envoy, pledging $600 million in regional funding at the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji last week.

Growing rivalry between the US and China in the Pacific has fueled interest in this year’s meeting, which will bring together leaders from across the strategically important region.

Tongan Prime Minister Xiaosi Sovaleni told AFP that his country is “very pleased that the US will open an embassy in Tonga, this will be the first time.”

“This is a big milestone. We are very pleased that we finally have a US presence in Tonga,” he said.

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