Karl Nasib reflects on coming out a year later: ‘Hopefully I can be a positive push’

After a year live publicly as his true self, Carl Nasib looks to the future with optimism.

Naseeb, who was a defenseman for the Las Vegas Raiders until March, made history in June 2021 as first active NFL player come out gay. He marked the anniversary of this fateful moment in “good morning americaThe interview aired on Tuesday.

“I opened up to my close friends and family many years ago. And I wanted to do it publicly because I wanted to get ahead of the story,” he told GMA co-host Michael Strahan. “I just wanted to own the story and make sure I was doing it on my own terms. One of my biggest fears was that I would only be remembered as gay.”

Prior to his announcement in 2021, Nassib said he spent 15 years contemplating how to tell the public about his sexuality. He eventually decided to do it in a short Instagram video released in June to coincide with LGBTQ Pride Month. However, given the nationwide attention that his words would attract, he experienced a fair amount of last-minute excitement.

“I stared at the phone for about an hour, just looking at it, trying to spin myself,” he recalled. “The last thing I said was like, ‘You know what, for the kids.’ And I pressed the post.

Watch Carl Nassib’s Good Morning America talk below.

Nassib’s video was praised President Joe Biden and many celebrities, including the actor Billy Eichner and Olympic Adam Rippon.

The footballer has since become an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and has donated to advocacy groups including Project Trevor.

“When people go out, they leave the toilet because they are afraid,” Naseeb told Strahan. “They are afraid that they will have a negative impact on their lives, on their relationships, on their work. I just hoped that someday we wouldn’t have these fears – this is the society I hope for someday. And I hope I can be a positive push in that direction.”

Naseeb faces uncertain future in NFL after release Raiders in March. Although he is now a free agent, he said he was not surprised by his release and brushed off the hint that the Raiders’ decision had something to do with homophobia.

“I had great relationships with my teammates,” Nasib explained. “I love Las Vegas so much. It has allowed me to do a lot of good things. I think there will be better opportunities in the future… [I’ve] a lot got into the tank.”