PLI Application: Government Extends PLI Application Deadline for Telecom Products to August 5

Last day to apply for participation in the government production related promotion (PLI) designer-led telecom and network product manufacturing scheme has been extended to August 5 from the previously set July 20 deadline.

The extension, according to an official statement, was made at the request of interested companies and to encourage wider participation.

Last month, the government began accepting applications from interested companies to design the production of telecommunications and network products.

Department of Telecommunications, announcing Rs 4,000 crores incentive for design-based production, also extended for a year PLI circuit for telecommunication and network equipment.

production plan based on designwhich will operate under the auspices of telecommunications company PLI, plans to provide applicants with an additional incentive of 1% for additional production.

The PLI scheme for telecommunications and networking equipment was first announced in February 2021 with an incentive spending of Rs 12,195 crore.

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The plan approved applications from 31 global companies and eight local companies.

These companies jointly committed to increase production by Rs 1.82 trillion over the next five years.

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