Sharp drop in Covid-19 hospitalizations during fifth wave

According to private healthcare group Life Healthcare, Covid-19 hospitalizations dropped by 84% during the fifth wave compared to the third wave.

During the third wave, Life Healthcare hospitals admitted 18,739 patients. However, during the fifth wave, the acceptance rate dropped to 3,004.

It also resulted in less use of intensive care units (ICUs) and ventilators, and a lower mortality rate.

Data – by Life Health Group – shows that the length of stay in the hospital decreased by 22% for the seriously ill and 38% for the milder ones. The use of intensive care units has decreased by 92% and the use of ventilators by 97%.

The Group’s hospitals also experienced an 80% reduction in mortality. for Covid-19 patients compared with the third wave.

In terms of age demographics, Life Healthcare hospitals experienced a higher proportion of young (under 19) and older (over 70) patients during the fourth and fifth waves compared to the first three waves, and proportionately fewer patients aged 20-69 “. The statement is being read.

Although the number of cases has declined, Life Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Louis Catan is urging people to remain vigilant for a resurgence of the virus in the future.

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Cost of treatment

The data show that treatment costs declined after the third wave. The lower cost of the inventory reflects more successful treatment of the disease caused by more recent options, Catan said.

“This was due to a less acute illness, and also because we have accumulated experience and knowledge on how to most effectively treat Covid-19,” Catan said.

Patients with chronic diseases

“While we are seeing a decrease in mortality rates, people with comorbidities remain at risk.

“Proportion of deaths in patients with arterial hypertension, cardiac or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) increased from 59% during the third wave to 75% during the fifth wave,” he said.

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