Simplified electric bikes: propella 7s

The Propella 7S e-bike is a great option for beginner cyclists as it boasts a smart combination of affordability, quality and simplicity. When designing the 7S, Propella aimed to create an affordable and familiar e-bike for riders who previously rode manual bikes. As such, this bike uses similar mechanisms such as a geared drive system, pedals, chains, and a familiar braking system. On top of that, the bike eloquently includes electric pedal assist from a 400W Bafang motor.

This e-bike reaches a maximum range of 40 miles in pedal assist mode, or approximately 20 miles in all-electric mode. The 7S takes two and a half hours to recharge, which means quick pit stops are enough to get you tens of miles. In addition, this bike is lightweight, weighing only 37 pounds when fully equipped, thanks to the aluminum frame and thin tires.

Image Credit: Mika Toll, Elektrek