Vegan activist Tash Paterson quarreled with driver in Melbourne

Notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson got into a heated altercation with an angry driver after he said he would “beat you to death with your camera.”

Ms Peterson, 28, and boyfriend Jack Higgs recently moved to Melbourne after she was allegedly banned from “every place that sells liquor” in her home state of Western Australia.

The Onlyfans star was walking through Melbourne’s arts district near Southbank when she spotted horse-drawn carriages parked on the side of the road.

Angry and sad, Ms. Peterson approached the horses and immediately began to ridicule the practice.

“I see a very depressed animal,” she said.

“Forced to stand and carry people, it is absolutely disgusting. Animal cruelty. “

But as her cameraman continued filming the scene, he soon incurred the wrath of one of the drivers.

“I hope you’re not filming my baby,” the man asked.

“If you do that, I’ll beat you to death with your camera.”

Ms. Peterson denied that they filmed his child.

“We are filming slavery and exploitation of animals,” she replied.

But the driver told her, “I really don’t care about you,” leaving.

Ms. Peterson then hurled many insults at the driver and a group of people who got into his carriage as they left.

“It is absolutely shameful to support slavery. Disgusting animal abuse,” she screamed.

Imagine that you are paying for slavery for your own selfish pleasures. Absolutely disgusting.

“One day it will become a crime. Their suffering is on your hands.”

“Cruel animals, complete losers.”

The animal rights activist made a quick impression in Melbourne after staging a topless protest the day she arrived in the city.

On Wednesday last week, she walked down busy Bourke Street in the CBD with two other women to draw attention to the Australian wool industry.

Ms Peterson has earned a notorious reputation for orchestrating similar incidents in Perth and across Australia, including against supermarkets, fast food outlets and football matches.

Originally published as ‘I’ll beat you to death’: Vegan activist Tash Paterson argued bitterly with horse-drawn cart driver