zee: ZEE uses the metaverse to attract new tech talent

The Indian Entertainment Company (ZEE) on Tuesday held its first ever induction training for new employees in a metaverse environment, inviting more than 100 campus graduates from top technical institutes across the country.

The adaptation was carried out at the newly opened Technology and Innovation Center in Bangalore, which is building a metaverse platform using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and related data models for its digital platform.

The initiative was led by Amit Goenka, President of Digital Enterprises and Platforms, and Nitin Mittal, President of Technology and Data at ZEE.

“We are imbibing a clear strategic focus on expanding our technical capabilities through the confluence of technology, data and talent. As we break new ground and redefine entertainment by delivering robust experiences across platforms, we are excited to bring ZEE’s culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship across the physical and digital realms through an immersive environment like the Metaverse,” said Goenka. “We are committed to providing an intuitive experience in all aspects of individual consumption, creativity and the transactional journey, and for the first time metaverse induction program at ZEE will not only help improve the experience of our employees through increased innovation and productivity, but will also improve the quality of service for our consumers in several steps.”

The Metaverse Induction was held using the center’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, thereby offering newcomers an immersive mixed reality experience.

“For more than three decades, we have been pioneers in breaking industry norms and creating groundbreaking content for over 1.3 billion viewers worldwide. Right now, we remain focused on building capacity for SEE through the use of technology to provide our consumers with extraordinary entertainment,” said Mittal. “Our mission is to shape the next chapter of the Indian media and entertainment industry and the Metaverse Induction Program is another important step in that direction. Attracting, nurturing and retaining the right talent is key to the success of any organization, and we are committed to delivering a world-class experience to our technology enthusiasts from day one.”

The company said it is committed to expanding its digital footprint while continuing to serve the global community and redefine the future of entertainment through a strategy driven by technology and innovation.

“As a digital transformation continues to accelerate globally, the Center for Technology and Innovation at ZEE will play a leading role in driving a new era of innovation in content consumption,” said Animish Kumar, President of Human Resources and Transformation at ZEE. “ZEEverse is another important step in a series of initiatives the company has recently launched towards our internal digital transformation that will enable the organization to be future-ready and win in the emerging digital economy.”