AFL 2022 News: North Melbourne Alastair Clarkson, Next Coach, Contract, $1.6M Salary, Asking Price, GWS Giants

North Melbourne are in the box to get Alastair Clarkson, who has gone all-in to try and get the four-time premier coach. reports Seven.

It comes when Ross Lyon stated that a return to coaching was “not in my plans” but said he would answer the kangaroo’s call “out of respect” if they approached him.

Clarkson, who spent most of his playing career at Arden Street, including 93 games in 1987-95, is reportedly seeking $1.6 million a year on his next contract.

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It would take the salaries of the current top coaches. With a soft cap for 2023 set at $6,950,000, that means the Kangaroos will spend 23 percent of their entire budget on Clarkson, diminishing their ability to recruit around him.

By comparison, Sydney’s John Longmire earns between $1 million and $1.2 million a year, Richmond’s Triple Premier League coach Damien Hardwick earns between $900,000 and $1.1 million, and West Coast’s Adam Simpson is estimated at $800,000 to $900,000.

Paul Rusz’s $1.5 million one-year deal with the Demons in 2014 is widely regarded as the highest paid coaching contract in football – Clarkson’s request will set a new benchmark.

Although Clarkson’s intentions are not yet known, the Kangaroos are focused on landing the former Hawks boss, who parted ways with David Noble in recent weeks.

The other team with a coaching vacancy, GWS, is said to go through a rigorous process and could save $1 million a year by choosing an unverified assistant instead.

“One club is going to move quickly against Clarkson and that’s the Kangaroos,” Tom Brown told Seven News.

“They told me North went all in on the Premier League manager tonight and the Kangaroos are in the box now.

“The Giants are fine with that. GWS is committed to a rigorous process and communicates with a range of candidates.

Clarkson’s asking price is up to $1.6 million per season… The Giants could get Adam Ise or Adam Kingsley for a third of the price, for example.

“Another factor with Clarkson is the soft cap. If North defends Clarkson, that would mean spending up to 23% of their limited football budget per person – maybe worth it.”

A board meeting was held in North Melbourne on Wednesday, where President Sonia Hood confirmed that their commission has made progress on finding the next coach.

Jeff Walsh presented the results of his review at a meeting with the club, who are currently working on a response.

Speaking on Channel 9 A cloudy secret On Wednesday night, Lyon said he had not met with anyone from the North, but added that he would answer the call “out of respect.”

“There’s just no story here,” Lyon said. A cloudy secret. “I understand why I am associated with my past. I currently work full time for a real estate investment company and I work in media. I’m a little uncomfortable talking about it, because I need to comment on all the clubs.

“In a way, it’s nice to be connected because we all have egos. I don’t have a final position.

“It wasn’t on my radar because I was busy. Like you guys, I’m on a treadmill trying to keep up, doing my own property, doing my media, keeping up and trying to say something sensible at some point – not that I get it all the time.

“There is no history here. I don’t campaign and they didn’t call.”

Tuesday night on AFL 360, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan was asked if he had spoken to Clarkson about the possibility of a North Melbourne touchdown.

“If I was talking to him about the details, I don’t think it’s up to me to talk about them here,” McLachlan said on Fox Footy.

“I think it’s generally accepted that Alastair wants to coach next year – I think I’m saying things that are understandable – and he’s a great coach. The rest depends on him and the clubs that may be looking for a coach.

“If people thought I was going to act out some kind of conversation – that’s not saying yes or no – I just don’t talk about personal conversations.”

Asked if he and the league would put Clarkson on Arden Street, he replied: “It won’t be my decision. They will go through the process and they will get the best coach they can.

“I mean, if Alastair was free, they would take him.

“Clarco comes with his unique challenges – he knows it and I know it – but he is a genius coach and clubs that are looking for a coach I’m sure we will be looking for him.”

Clarkson praised Kangaroo’s new talent at Fox Footy’s AFL 360 Extra back in May.

“Some people ask, ‘Would you coach North?’ Yes, yes, he said.

Originally published as $1.6 million man: Kangaroo ‘in the box’ for Clarko as ‘all-in’ plan to land coach revealed