Aliens: eerie lights confuse residents of an Australian city

The people of Mildura took to Twitter this week to find out why an ominous pink glow is lighting up their Victorian-era regional town.

Local resident Tim Green shared photos of the strange sight, asking others “have there been any reports of this scary but bright sky over Mildura tonight??”

Photos look like something out of the ordinary. very strange things finale, so you can hardly blame the locals for feeling uncomfortable.

“I saw it too, Tim,” another resident replied. “But you look better. Great photos. Looks like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

While many jokingly wondered if it was aliens, the Upside Down, or a (not jokingly) strange natural phenomenon, ABC reported that Sarah Tomlinson also shared a photo of the lights on Twitter, revealing the real reason.

“Tonight, Mildura and its surroundings saw a breathtaking sight when a red light appeared in the sky,” she wrote. “Was it aliens? Aurora?

“No, it looks like it was the hydroponic lights of a medicinal cannabis farm bouncing off the clouds, which is somehow Mildura’s best answer.”

Yes, fortunately (but also boring) the answer was shared with ABC Mildura-Swan Hill the company that owns the farm.

“As you may know, cannabis grows with a long day. The bloom zone is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, which typically occurs from 7 am to 7 pm,” said Cann Group CEO Peter Krok.

“Since the new zone will be operational in the next day or two, we have turned on the lights. Blackout blinds usually close at sunset, but we had the lights on last night and the blinds hadn’t closed yet, so there was a period when they were glowing.”

“At 7 pm, when we put down the plants, the lights went out.”

One Twitter commenter summed it all up very well, saying, “Another great tourist attraction in Mildura. Come see the lights of the drug farm.”

Originally published as Strange lights confuse locals in Australian city