FinTech 2022 Online Conference – BCX’s Rebato Madiba on Tech Innovation in Financial Services

Rebato Madiba is the Executive Director of Business Development at BCX.

She took up this position in July 2022 after serving as Head of Specialized Sales for Digital EXA in the group, where she was responsible for sales of customer-facing and digital solution-focused solutions for BCX.

Madiba was previously a SAP Competency Manager at Debswana where she implemented the Debswana SAP Change and Training Management program for her mines.

She also worked at Transnet in various senior positions, including as a general manager for IT operations.

At this conference, Madiba meets with Michael Avery to discuss the latest technology and innovation in the financial services sector.

Madiba breaks down these technologies and explains why it’s important for financial services companies to use them.

She talks about BCX’s various financial services solutions and explains how they use the latest technology to help businesses.

Madiba also explains how BCX helps implement these critical technologies without compromising business continuity.

The full conference session between Michael Avery and BCX CEO Rebato Madiba is below.