From “Hasta la vista, baby” to singing after resignation, these political farewells have taken a comical turn.

Boris Johnson signed his questions to the Prime Minister for the last time in a strange way.
Outgoing British Prime Minister . Recently 58 year old male

His famous last words? Hasta la vista baby. Thank you.” Reference to the movie Terminator.

Whether they leave of their own accord or are forced by their own party, all eyes are on politicians in their final moments.

Some bestow wisdom gained in concert, others focus on looking ahead, and sometimes a comic tidbit is what is most remembered years later.

Thanks a lot. (Buzzing noises are heard.)

In 2016, former British Prime Minister David Cameron was caught humming a cheerful tune under his breath after announcing his resignation following the results of the Brexit referendum.

On the way back to 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s office, Cameron heard “Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo” before he took off his lavalier microphone.

Some have suggested that this is the theme of the American TV show The West Wing, while others have noticed the similarity to the song from Winnie the Pooh. Listeners of the radio station puzzled over what importunate song interrupted the reflections of the newly resigned prime minister.

On Twitter, some have suggested that Mr. Cameron’s humming was a sign of calm, contentment to hand over the reins in the chaos of Brexit.

But Mr. Cameron’s former director of public relations, Craig Oliver, later offered some information, sharing that it was just a case of nervous buzz.

“I asked the prime minister what the tune was and he said it didn’t really exist,” Oliver said. BBC. “He was just nervous that someone wasn’t going to open the door again. There was a very, very meaningful pause before someone opened the door and he thought he might be stuck in there.”

Four Seasons…Total landscaping?

Donald Trump lawyer in November 2020 with unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud.
With a fire extinguisher and a yellow hose framing the podium, Mr. Giuliani was notified in the middle of a press conference that Joe Biden had won the election.
Although Mr. Giuliani did not take it as a farewell speech, many viewers saw it as a watershed moment.

The event at Four Seasons Total Landscaping has spawned countless memes and jokes.

A slight turn of the head at the press conference made you look at Fantasy Island, an adult bookstore, and there was a crematorium across the street.
Trump originally tweeted “Lawyers press conference at Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00 AM.”
He followed up the tweet with a second post, “Four Seasons Landscaping!” before sending another tweet: “Today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – big press conference – 11:30!”
Questions have been raised about whether the former president’s team had mistakenly booked a landscape firm instead of a luxury Four Seasons hotel. The detective even prompted to make a documentary trying to make sense of it all.

Among the many Google reviews left at the time, one person wrote: “When I lost the election in 2004, I knew exactly where to go for a desperate last-minute press conference.”

Angela Merkel: punk fan

She ruled the country for 16 years, but outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel has shown that she can still surprise the nation.
A week before she stepped down in December 2021, Merkel was given a traditional military send-off, during which a brass band played three songs of her choice.

One of the tunes she chose was a punk song from the 1970s. Although predecessors tended to prefer traditional music—and she followed that trend with the first two choices—it was her third choice, described by a local journalist as “the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen”.

What is the song that marks the end of a great era about? A young woman mourns her boyfriend for not being able to take color photographs during their beach holiday.

East German punk singer Nina Hagen’s 1974 song “You Forgot the Color Film”, which she later shared, was a tribute to her youth. Although her expression remained neutral, her head bobbed slightly in time with the melody.

Obama microphone

As he retired in 2017, US leader Barack Obama gave a tearful speech paying tribute to his family. He thanked them for taking a position they didn’t sign up for and thanked them again for being role models.

But the moment from his farewell round that became part of the zeitgeist came from his last speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2016, months before.

The man on the podium.

The end of Barack Obama’s speech at the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Credits: Creative Commons

“It has been an honor and privilege for me to work side by side to strengthen our democracy, and in this regard I have two more words to say,” he said.

“Obama out,” he finished, turning off the microphone.

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