Last name Jennifer Lopez is now Affleck.

OUR The aftermath of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’ weekend wedding is still being felt. Old clip from a 2003 interview Lopez gave to Pat O’Brien for Access to Hollywood currently circulating on social media amid reports of her name change and marriage.

“A week after you get married, what will your name be?” O’Brien asked.

The star replied without hesitation: “Jennifer Lopez, but my name will obviously be Jennifer Affleck.”

She stated that she would still be called “Lopez” professionally, but that she would be called “Affleck” in her personal life. “J.Aff doesn’t sound like J.Lo,” she joked.

The legendary couple met on set giggle in 2001. They first dated from 2002 to 2004. They were engaged, but postponed their wedding until it was due to take place, and finally broke up in January 2004.

They reconciled in April 2021 following the singer’s split from longtime lover and baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

She announced her wedding through her newsletter On J Lo, which she signed as “Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck” and said all of her children were there to watch the couple exchange vows. She shared that they barely made it to the small white wedding chapel at midnight.

They were allowed to take pictures in a pink Cadillac convertible reportedly once driven by Elvis Presley himself.

Affleck wore a white blazer with a black bow tie, while Lopez opted for a vintage white dress. The couple swore and exchanged rings, which Lopez said they would wear for the rest of their lives.

She wrote at the time, “They were right when they said, ‘All you need is love.’ We are so grateful that we have this in abundance, a wonderful new family of five wonderful children and a life that we have never had more meaning. look forward to. Love is a great thing, perhaps the best of things, and worth waiting for.”