Local authorities forbade Russian forces to cross the damaged Kherson bridge

According to footage provided by local authorities on July 20, a bridge across the Dnieper River in Kherson, Ukraine, is badly damaged. According to Yuri Sobolevsky, Russian forces are no longer allowed to cross or stop in front of the Antonovsky Bridge. , First Deputy Head of the Kherson Regional Council. Despite extensive damage, civilian vehicles are still allowed to pass, but discouraged “unless absolutely necessary”. According to the United Kingdom’s Department of Defense, the bridge is of political importance to Russian forces as it is one of two crossings of the Dnieper River and can be used to supply and withdraw troops. “Control over the crossings across the Dnieper is likely to be a key factor in the outcome of hostilities in the region,” the ministry said. Credit: Yuri Sobolevsky via Storyful