SBS News Morning Briefing: July 21, 2022

Good morning, this is Tom Canetti with the SBS News morning briefing.

Health issues faced by migrants and refugees in Australia

The health of millions of migrants and refugees around the world is worse than in their host communities. . Local advocates say the finding rings true: migrants face “serious challenges” that go beyond the cost of accessing health care. There are even bigger barriers for refugees who face a “nightmare” situation even if they have access to Medicare.

Visa Delay: What is the plan to deal with this problem?

Australia is currently facing a backlog of almost one million visa applications and the Home Secretary has unveiled the government’s plan to address the problem. Of the 960,000 applications, about 60,000 are skilled workers who need a permanent visa, and Claire O’Neill says they will be considered first, with a focus on those with a medical background, education and nursing qualifications. But she acknowledged that the original plan was only a short-term answer to the problem.

AFL history maker who “seeks to inspire”

Hewago Paul Oea, nicknamed Ace, . He is the first person who grew up in Papua New Guinea and started playing this game. Adding to the excitement of his watching family, he scored with the first touch of the ball. Ohea told SBS News that he is “seeking to inspire now that I’m playing in the AFL.”

What are the latest recommendations for COVID-19?

Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise across the country, and while federal, state and territory governments are resisting restoring some mandates that previously applied during the pandemic, there is plenty of new advice.

From masks and vaccines to working from home, .

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