Selma Blair is hoping for a cameo role in Legally Blonde 3

Selma Blair would be in favor Blonde in law ends with Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) and her former rival Vivian (played by Blair) holding hands on the beach.

This was told by actresses Jessica Coffiel and Alanna Ubach. The newspaper “New York Times they remembered last summer that such a scene was the original ending planned for a box office hit.

“The insinuation was that either they were best friends or they were in a romantic relationship,” Coffiel said.

Blair was asked if she remembers anything similar during an interview this month for Evan Ross Katz’s podcast.

“No, but I like this idea! What fun,” Blair said, adding that she is friends with the writers.

“I would love it so much.”

She also talked about her plans Legally Blonde 3which is still in development, with Blair advocating for some “screen time” for Vivian.

“I hope I can at least get a cameo role,” she said.

“I hope this legacy continues because this film is one of the good things in life. This is the highlight. For example, I really think, “Yeah, my obituary will look good.”

Blair appeared in many popular films of the late 90s, including Cruel Intentions, I can not wait and like a voice on the telephone Scream 2.

When asked about screamLead actress Neve Campbell recently announced that she would not be in the upcoming film. Scream 6 because the salary she was offered “didn’t match the value I brought to the franchise”, Blair responded, “Good for her!”

She added that a man would hardly be in that position.

“I hope they don’t continue to belittle people who don’t deserve it, especially the many women who have truly made their mark and deserve to be seen.”

But of all the memorable roles Blair has played, there is one she would love to play.

“This was Requiem for a Dream I wanted so much,” Blair said.

“And I went in a few times and I was close to it, but, you know, they met Jennifer Connelly, and, you know, it was done,” she said.