Woolworths Everyday Rewards customers report accounts hacked and funds stolen

Woolworths has urged Everyday Rewards members to be careful following a series of security breaches.

Shoppers at a major supermarket are reporting “hacked” accounts that were used to make unauthorized purchases.

Consumers have taken to social media to report alleged hacks, with some customers reporting that Everyday Rewards dollars they “saved” were used by thieves to buy groceries.

A spokesman for Woolworths said the supermarket was investigating the violations.

“We have assisted a number of members who appear to have been victims of unauthorized access to their Everyday Rewards accounts,” a spokesperson for 7 News said.

A spokesman said the supermarket giant found “no evidence” that its IT systems had been hacked or compromised.

“This indicates that the scammers likely obtained these members’ credentials and account details from an online scam or from other sources,” they said.

A spokesperson for Woolies said Everyday Rewards members should take the following steps to protect their accounts.

“This is a timely reminder of the importance of having strong unique passwords, updating them regularly, and remaining vigilant against fraud,” they said.

“If at any time a member believes that there has been fraudulent activity on their account, we encourage them to contact us so we can secure their account immediately and recover any points.”

Frustrated consumers took to Facebook to express their concerns.

“Has this ever happened to anyone before? Someone used my $100 Woolworths Rewards cards or banked rewards,” one customer said.

“So I noticed today that someone out of state somehow used my Woolworths Rewards dollars ($60) on Saturday! I’m soooo annoyed!” said the other.

“What others did when it happened to them. Obviously, I will never see this money again, but I have no idea how to stop it. Passwords have been changed by me.”

A third user said that their rewards were received twice in one week, reporting that they switched to a buyout offer for the giant supermarket “The Bank at Christmas” as an “extra layer of security.”

Any Woolworths Everyday Rewards member who believes their account has been hacked is encouraged to contact Woolworths directly.

Originally published as Woolies customers take to social media to report an account hack