Eight states set new low unemployment record in June

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From BLS: Summary of Employment and Unemployment by Regions and States

The June unemployment rate was lower in 10 states and the District of Columbia, higher in 2 states and stable in 38 states, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics said today. In all 50 states and the county, the unemployment rate is down from last year.

Minnesota had the lowest unemployment rate in June at 1.8 percent, followed by Nebraska at 1.9 percent. The next lowest rates were in New Hampshire and Utah, at 2.0 percent each. Rates in Minnesota and New Hampshire set new streak lows, as did rates in the following six states (all state streaks starting in 1976): Alabama (2.6 percent), Georgia (2.9 percent), Kentucky (3. 7 percent), Louisiana (3.8 percent), Mississippi (3.8 percent), and Missouri (2.8 percent). The District of Columbia had the highest unemployment rate, at 5.5 percent, followed by New Mexico, at 4.9 percent.
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This graph shows the number of states (and the District of Columbia) with unemployment rates at or above a certain level since January 2006.

Eight states set a new record low unemployment rate in June, and 14 states currently have record low unemployment rates.