FinTech Online Conference 2022 – OPSWAT’s George Cheresh on the Growing Cybersecurity Threat in the Financial Services Industry

George Cheresh is the EMEA Sales Engineer Team Leader at OPSWAT.

He worked at OPSWAT for almost five years, where he was the technical lead for the company’s efforts to sell and deploy the Metadefender product line in the EMEA region.

Cereches is experienced in delivering technical presentations, demos and webinars that help OPSWAT customers understand the full benefits of the Metadefender product line.

At this conference, Cheresh speaks about the growing cybersecurity threats facing financial services companies.

He highlights why these organizations are at particular risk when it comes to cybersecurity threats.

Cheresh then describes the most common attack vectors that attackers use to attack financial services companies such as banks.

He talks about how financial services businesses can protect themselves from these attacks, including various industry best practices.

Cheresh concludes by explaining how OPSWAT helps its clients in the financial services sector protect themselves from a wide range of attackers.

Watch the full conference session with George Cheresh below.