Jesse’s Inner View of J-Hope’s Music

JESSE recently gave fans some insight into BTS member J-Hope’s recent act. Jack in the box listening part.

The singer chatted with her fans live at her hotel during a break between concerts at the Busan Water Festival.

She was inundated with questions about J-Hope. Jack in the box listening and responded to a couple of the most relevant.

Jessie shared that she met all the BTS members at the party, except for Suga, who suddenly developed a fever and was unable to attend.

In this way, Jessie confirmed what ARMY already knew, that the members were “so cute” and “so handsome in real life.”

Jessie also talked about J-Hope’s attentiveness as the host of the party, as well as BTS’s RM’s leadership and teamwork, praising the group members’ accomplishments.

She also revealed that she liked Jimin the most at the audition party, claiming that they spent “almost 40 minutes” talking about life.

Fans appreciated Jessie’s interactions with the BTS members and noted that she is known to speak her mind, so her praise for BTS meant a lot.

To the delight of fans, Jessie announced that she hopes to collaborate with BTS sometime in the near future.