Laser Controlled Military Drones: Military Drone

British defense technology company QinetiQ has created the world’s first laser-guided drone with unique operational capabilities that allow it to evade typical jamming drone defense systems.

These laser-guided drones use a special QinetiQ Free Space Optical Communications system that uses laser-guided technology to evade oncoming drone attacks. This system means that competing objects cannot interfere with the input of the drone and interfere with its operation. While these drones can be intercepted with conventional weapons such as cannons and missiles, the fact is that the ability to evade signal jammers provides a significant advantage.

While drones continue to evolve and become more high-tech in different sectors, it is no surprise that the military market is leading the way in these futuristic developments, with the advent of laser-guided drones offering significant advantages to forces fortunate enough to be able to call upon them in various combat situations. and observations.

Image credit: QinetiQ