Minimalistic SSD coolers: 2 ssd coolers

Taiwanese company Thermalright, a specialist in PC cooling solutions, has recently released an M.2 SSD cooler for use in custom and off-the-shelf computers. The cooler was specifically designed for desktops, although it is low enough in profile to fit some larger laptops or consoles. Thermalright’s SSD cooler features an aluminum alloy heatsink with silicone pads that passively dissipate heat from the SSD.

The device is a passive cooler, that is, it does not require external power and does not contain moving parts. Regardless, Thermalright’s unique cooler design successfully reduces SSD temperatures by 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on PC layout and room temperature.

Each heatsink goes through rigorous testing to make sure the units meet Thermalright’s stringent quality standards, as the company doesn’t want to be held responsible for consumer computer failures. This SSD heatsink measures 75mm x 22.7mm x 11.7mm, making it only slightly larger than the M.2 SSD itself.

Image Credit: Thermalright, Amazon