Netizens praise the uncle who helped his nephew complete the service parade

FEDERAL The minister and netizens praised the elderly man after he helped finish the ceremony for his nephew who passed out during the march.

The elderly man’s feat came to light after Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi shared the incident on his Facebook yesterday.

The young man, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs, passed out due to the scorching heat during a ministry event.

While the officer’s fellow soldiers held their positions, his uncle, who raised him after the death of his parents, rushed to support him until the officer regained consciousness.

The march was timed to coincide with the Day of Protection of the Rights of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Dr. Asiraf Wajdi Dusuki, head of the Umno youth organization Datuk, said the officer who passed out during the parade was his adopted son.

“Nick was an orphan from a young age so we adopted him as he was a student at Sekolah Geting Tumpat.

“The person in the viral photo helping him is his uncle Abdul Aziz Yaakob, who raised him after his parents died.

“I was talking to Nick Adhar and apparently he developed a fever during the event,” he said.