San Antonio puppy stuck with hundreds of quills after failing to befriend porcupine

SAN ANTONIO – Last week, a playful puppy wanted to make friends with a porcupine, but it didn’t work out for him.

San Antonio Pets Alive shared photos on Facebook of a 18-month-old Nugget, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix, with a face full of quills after his failed attempt to play with a porcupine.

Nugget was on the city’s euthanasia list in early July, but his foster family intervened and saved his life, San Antonio Pets Alive said.

He was playing in his adoptive parent’s backyard when he met a porcupine, but things didn’t go well and Nugget ended up with “hundreds of feathers in his face and legs”.

According to San Antonio Pets Alive staff, Nugget was taken to the emergency veterinary clinic, where he underwent x-rays, fluids, feather removal surgery, anesthesia, medication and more.

“His surgeries have already cost $2,500 and he will be re-examined and stitches removed in the next couple of weeks. Based on Nugget’s latest x-ray, the fat man is not sure if the lines on the x-rays are needles, air pockets from removed needles, or abscesses,” officials said.


San Antonio Pets Alive asks for donations help cover Nugget’s medical bills. Any funds left over from Nugget bills will go to help other dogs and cats rescued by rescuers every year.

“Nugget is now feeling much better, gaining weight on all fours and was a pretty outgoing boy during his time at the vet clinic,” reports San Antonio Pets Alive.

He available for acceptance and is potty and cage trained.

According to his profile, Nugget “absolutely loves squeaky tennis balls and stuffed animals, enjoys playing fetch, running all over the yard and returning the toy to you to throw again.”


Nugget also enjoys kissing and receiving pets from his human friends.

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