Solara neighbors caught thieves dumping stolen Kia in their private parking lot

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOV) – A criminal trend infiltrates the backyard of a Soulard woman. Cameras catch people tossing stolen Kia into a parking lot on Bohemian Hill.

“We saw how our site was besieged, and that’s when they started dumping here,” says homeowner Ann Austin. One of the things the police said was not to approach them. They are armed.

Surveillance cameras captured the suspects on foot. Neighbors told the New 4 that at least 6 stolen Kia were parked in a private lot and picked up within a week.

In June, 155 Kia were stolen in St. Louis. Louis City Police.

“They plug them in and they drive around, do whatever they want with them, and leave them here,” says tenant Trenton Jaco.

Jaco is in the process of moving out of the area.

“They are younger kids. 15-18 for sure,” Jaco says. I went there one day two new Kia, the next day another Kia. It looks like their little storage room.

“The threat I feel is getting out of my back door because I once came face to face with one of the kids,” says Austin.

Neighbors believe that the same group stole the Kia of the woman next door.

“I pay taxes and call the police. I want them to come,” Austin says. We have moving lights and cameras everywhere. We have personnel. We have invested so much,” says Austin.

According to St. Police Louie, the detective and the captain got the case.

“It’s really like we’re running in fear of a bunch of kids who unfortunately get their needs met by belonging to groups that do this sort of thing. For me, that’s the sad part,” says Austin.

“If you have a Kia in St. “Louis, you have to make sure it’s locked,” Jaco says. You have to watch it.”