The director waited a year to cast prosecutor extraordinaire Wu in the lead role.

ACTRESS Park Eun Bin captivated viewers around the world with her starring role as the award-winning actress. Extraordinary Prosecutor Wuan autism spectrum lawyer and, as it turns out, series director Yoo In-sik even convinced the studio to delay production for a whole year just for her.

Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu even topped the list of the 10 most watched non-English-language Netflix shows for the week.

What makes it remarkable is that it is the first K-drama produced by the small broadcaster ENA. The drama was originally planned to be produced by the giant network SBS, but was scrapped.

Park was offered the role, which she initially turned down, stating that she wasn’t sure she could portray Woo Yeon-woo, a neurodivergent lawyer. She then decided to star in a KBS series. King’s love.

The drama ended very well and the actress was praised for her acting. Yoo waited until Park finished filming King’s love before he approached her again.

At the press conference for her new series, Park said that when she saw the entire production team waiting for her for a whole year, she felt like she could trust them and their director.

“I couldn’t imagine another actress playing Wu,” Yu said.

Yu only praised her and explained why he was so adamant that she play Wu.

“She’s shy and brooding in person, but in front of the camera, it’s like she can flip a switch. I always thought she was a well trained actress, but she just has a great style.

“She only traveled between her home and filming locations because we were filming in the midst of a pandemic and she knew it would be hard for her if she got sick. It took a lot of pressure off knowing how responsible she was.

“Finally, she’s really funny. During filming, she used light to create shadows to cheer us up. It was fun.”