Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors: Laser Projector

The electrical appliance company Paris Rhone has a history of more than 100 years, but the company is boldly moving into the future with the launch of a laser projector that aims to make it easy to achieve high quality and high quality. viewing experience from a minimum distance.

The PE-LT002 ​​laser projector has a phenomenal throw ratio of 0.222:1, which effectively means that consumers will be able to immerse themselves in 80-inch diagonal images even if they set the projector at less than half an inch. foot from the wall. Meanwhile, a 150-inch image can be obtained from a distance of less than 19 inches.

The PE-LT002 ​​Laser Projector is currently available for pre-order for a $1,799 deposit through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, before the deposit level rises to $1,999 to an expected retail price of $2,399.

Image Credit: Paris Rhone