Brazilian influencer Iara Ferreira kicked out of supermarket over outfit

The influencer said she was kicked out of a US supermarket for being “hot” and wearing revealing clothes.

Brazilian Iara Ferreira said she was shopping in Miami when a supermarket employee approached her and asked the content creator to leave the store.

She claimed that he recognized her from her OnlyFans account and he assumed she would show off in the store and film it.

Yara said she was alone at the supermarket, which she did not name, and did not reveal what she was wearing at the time, adding that she believed she was kicked out for being “hot”.

“I felt humiliated, I was shocked when he shouted me out of the market. My image was not scandalous. I wear it every day in Brazil and I have never experienced it,” she told the British publication. publication.

“An employee accused me of something I didn’t do. For me, this prejudice is just because I’m hot.

“I recorded in public, but always carefully, without embarrassing other people.”

Iara said that this is not the first time she has been shamed for her work.

She said she was once on a beach in a thong swimsuit in Brazil when she was approached by three women who called her “ignorant” and asked if she sold “nude pictures”.

This is not the first time someone has been removed from a location due to their clothing being deemed “inappropriate”.

BUT One day a British woman was told on a flight from Birmingham to Tenerife that the plane would not take off until she covered her low top because it was “offensive”.

She said she complied, but she was told that otherwise she would be removed from the flight.

Originally published as Influencer claims he was kicked out of supermarket for being ‘hot’