Father hopes daughter will come home after mom picks her up

MUSKEGEON HEIGHTS, Michigan. — Muskegon Heights Police and Michigan State Police are looking for 6-year-old Elena Johnson, who they say was “forcibly” removed from her father’s home on Monday, July 18.

The father, Ernest Price, told FOX 17 Tuesday afternoon that he met with FBI officials at the police station.

“It’s tough,” Price said. “It’s hard because her mother is out of her mind and I’ve never seen these men in my life.”

Both Price and his girlfriend Makisha Sullivan were questioned at the same time on Tuesday morning outside their home.

“We want her to return home safely and we want them to be apprehended,” Sullivan said, standing next to Price. “As if yesterday someone could have lost their life. Thank God they didn’t. But we just want her to come home and be safe, and we want them to be detained.”

Police said that around 3:50 p.m. Monday, mother Sinis Johnson and several armed men drove up to Price’s home on Eighth Street and asked him where the little girl was.

Price said they identified themselves as the Fighting Americans and that Mom was wearing a red turban and white coat.

“They shot my dog,” Price said. “Kill me, dog.”

He said they also took away his mobile phone and pointed a gun at him.

“[They] dragged Elena out of the house into a later model Suburban or Yukon truck, maybe brownish, greyish with an orange sticker on the back,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan recalled that he was on the phone with the police all the time, yelling for them to come as soon as possible. When they did, they told them everything that had happened.

“Our detectives contacted the Michigan State Police last night and tried to run an amber alert. According to the information I received, this situation at the time did not match their qualifications for an Amber Alert,” said Muskegon Heights Police Chief Maurice Sein. “So what we’ve done, I think, is step right into the Amber Alert, with the media being notified of what’s going on and possibly finding the mother of the baby and the baby.”

Fox 17 contacted the Michigan State Police, who declined to be interviewed, but said via email that there were two requirements for an Amber Alert to be issued:

  • Law enforcement officials believe that a child under the age of 18 has been abducted and is in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death.
  • Sufficient information is available to disseminate to the general public that may assist in the safe removal of a child and/or the arrest of a suspect.

Price said he thought it should have been released anyway.

“They said they needed to get permission from the state police at the time. I just spoke to the state police. They said the reason they didn’t release it is because they believe they’re out of state and Amber Alert only covers the region. They will only cover Michigan,” Price said. “But I don’t understand why they still don’t release it. I asked the detectives several times. [Sullivan] asked them. We called the state police and I just spoke to him and this is what he told me.”

Police and Price said they had received information that Elena, the mother, and the men might be at St. Louis Hospital, or anywhere in Missouri, or Virginia.

Price hopes to be found soon. All he wants is her home again.

“She is cheerful, joyful. She is a good child, joyful,” Price said. “I love to laugh. She’s a good kid. I really care about her.”