Four people rushed to hospital after being poisoned by deadly smoke in south Adelaide

Four people fortunately escaped serious injury after the group inhaled noxious fumes from a domestic coal fire in south Adelaide.

Emergency services were called to a unit in Bedford Park in south Adelaide after they became ill on Friday morning.

Arjun Kunwar, Apsara Subedi, Sadikshya Aryal, and Bibin Paudel burned heating pads in their house to keep warm and unknowingly inhaled carbon monoxide fumes from burning coals.

All four had nosebleeds and fainting spells.

A South Australian health spokesman confirmed the group was taken to hospital in stable condition and has since been discharged.

Metropolitan Fire Command Commander Wayne Tresis told 9 News they couldn’t smell the gas.

“They would just fall asleep,” he said.

Originally published as Four people rushed to hospital after failed attempt to heat house in Adelaide with coals