Hawley seen fleeing riots at Capitol after ‘infuriating’ crowd with fist salute, committee hears

Senator Josh Hawley was shown raising his fist in front of a crowd gathered outside the US Capitol and was then seen running as rioters breached the Capitol on January 6, according to images and CCTV footage released by the Committee on January 6. Representative Elaine Luria said the Republican senator “raised his fist in solidarity with the protesters who had already gathered at the security gate.” Luria went on to say, “Later that day, Senator Hawley fled after protesters he had helped anger stormed the Capitol. Look at yourself.” The committee released an image of Hawley standing outside the Capitol building with his fist raised. A security camera then shows him running through the building and down an escalator with other people. Hawley has not yet commented on the footage or the committee’s allegations. Credit: C-SPAN via Storyful