Man injured, 10 dogs rescued after Rogers Forge fire

BALTIMORE. Shortly before 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, Paul Coe smelled a disturbing smell from his home in Rogers Forge.

“I started to smell like the smell of burning plastic… the smell of electronic fire,” said Coe, “so I went out and saw my neighbor just come out of his door and the smoke was billowing outside and we knew he had dogs. “

Not just a few dogs… three adult pointers and four puppies.

When the neighbors began to help in the rescue, they found out that there were even more of them.

“When we were about to go back to check something, one of the investigators came out and said that there were three more dogs in the basement that looked like little puppies,” said Jan Engers. they even thought they were scared and were hiding behind this toilet in the basement.”

After the fire, questions remain as to why there are 10 dogs in the house.

While county residents are code-limited to three adult dogs per household, additional puppies are allowed so it doesn’t look like the owner has broken the rules, but it doesn’t necessarily end there.

“We’re not very happy living next door to a stud dog because sometimes there are smells and a lot of noise, but that’s what it is,” Coe said, “I don’t blame the guy for trying to make a living or doing things what he loves, but it was a situation because he has been breeding dogs for quite some time.”

Animal welfare says all dogs appear healthy after the fire, although some have been exposed to heat and smoke and treated with a special oxygen device designed for pets.

Man injured, 10 dogs rescued after Rogers Forge fire


They took the dogs into care as the owner was incapacitated due to smoke inhalation. By law, the owner has 72 hours to return the dogs, but so far their fate remains unknown.

Officials say the home was extremely cluttered and they ruled the fire was an accident, caused by an unspecified power failure in the dining room.

Editor’s Note: Fire officials initially said six dogs were rescued. They have since changed that number to 10.