“Proteas well prepared, ready to take the risk again”

One of the triumphs of the current Proteas team has been that they have been able to bounce back relatively quickly from disastrous performances and will need to do so again on Sunday when they play an English team that tore them apart to equalize. in Manchester, in the deciding third ODI at Headingley.

South Africa, after impressing with a ball that knocked out England on 201 of their 29 overs at Old Trafford, got only 83 points in return.

Making your highest score [333/5] in England in the first ODI, Protea then fell to their worst overall record against the hosts. Their 83 goals in Nottingham in 2008 and Manchester on Friday night are their second lowest total in all ODIs after their 69 against Australia in Sydney in 1993.

But Top two scorers in South AfricaHeinrich Klaasen (33) and Duane Pretorius (17) both radiated positive vibes after missing out on a good chance to win the series.

“We don’t need to change anything, our blueprints are good and we play very well. With the bat, if our risks disappear on Sunday, it will be a different game,” Klaasen said.

“We are good at cricket, they (England) just kicked ahead very well, threw us back and we never recovered. We still believe in our plan.”

Pretorius, who had an outstanding bowling game with a career-best 4/36, echoed Klaasen’s point.

“All of our options to take risks with the bat just didn’t materialize, but I’m sure we will bounce back. This was our first opportunity here in the light and it definitely made an impact.

“The next game is a day game and it will be interesting to see if the swing that England has found continues. The hitting group was really on fire, and it was just one of those days.

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“They must not let it go to their head, they must remain confident. England showed the result in this match, and we did it in the previous game. So Sunday will be a great game.

“What happened is not a major issue, teams are allowed to play well against you and England did it, they outclassed us. But friction on the lawn hasn’t been good for us and cricket isn’t always perfect,” Pretorius said.

“We trained hard for swing”

It’s alarming that both Pretorius and Klaasen said the Protea practiced hard with the swing ball, which ruined them when they fell to 6/4, their worst ODI start in terms of their total when fourth fell. gate.

“We were preparing for this swing, we did a great job against the swinging ball,” Pretorius said.

“We practiced hard for the left and the ball,” Klaasen assured. “But you have to give them credit, they served the ball very well, kept the length and swung the ball beautifully.”

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The third ODI starts at 12 noon KST.