THE LEFT breaks the foundations of the law

There have been several bad Supreme Court decisions, such as Terrible Scott and allowing Japanese imprisonment during World War II. But never in the history of the country has anything happened that revolves around abortion, which in itself is confirmation that our computer predicts that the United States will secede. It became impossible to live together. The left simply hates the right, and it is always the LEFT, as in communist revolutions, that ends up starting a war and justifying the massacre of everyone they disagree with.

The ONLY way to secure the future is to divide the United States between the LEFT and the RIGHT. There are many who personally do not wish to be the economic slave of a policy that I do not agree with on economic and RELIGIOUS grounds. Even the left’s progressive tax policy violates the Ten Commandments, which is an insult to many religious beliefs.

This is where equality lies. They are somehow eliminated when it comes to material goods. An A student should be demoted to a C student because it’s not fair for a C student to fail. They need to put a three so that everyone is equal regardless of talent. This worked well for communism.

Ironically, the whole problem of legalizing same-sex marriage arose because of the tax code. Any couple that lives together and contributes to the relationship should be treated the same as a married couple, because that’s economic equality, whether it’s a same-sex marriage or just a civil union. Tax hunting always creates inequality.