Trump criticizes ‘kangaroo court’ investigating his inaction on Capitol riots

Donald Trump overnight criticized the commission investigating the US Capitol. rebellioncalling it a “kangaroo court”, calling its vice chairman Liz Cheney a “prudent loser” and repeating his lie about stealing the 2020 election results.

Hours after lawmakers completed a forensic conviction of his inaction during the January 6, 2021 uprising, his social media posts confirmed he was closely following hearings about how he ignored requests to order his supporters to go home.

“The elections were rigged and stolen from me and from our country. The US is going to hell. Should I be happy?” Trump roared on his Twitter-like platform, Truth Social, accusing the commission of being “corrupt and highly biased.”

The twice-impeached 76-year-old, who is mulling another choice for the White House in 2024, pondered why lawmakers didn’t ask the Secret Service to back up accusations that Trump was trying to fight for control of his limo when he tried to join the assault. mafia. Capitol.

“Because they know the answer and they don’t like it. Kangaroo Court! Trump said late Thursday evening.

He also attacked Senate Republican Chief Mitch McConnell, calling him a “disloyal scumbag” after the committee showed never-before-seen footage of McConnell working to clean up the Capitol so Congress could confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory.

After administration witnesses testified that Trump did not contact any city or federal officials to quell the violence, he sought to place the blame on his political enemy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

He also accused “Liz Cheney of being a hypocritical loser” after a Republican congressman called Trump unpatriotic and dangerous for repeating his election fraud lies.

During eight hearings, the committee put forward the theory that Trump helped organize the bloody riots, refused for hours to call on his supporters to go home, and could no longer hold office.

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, was declared a pariah by her own party for her harsh criticism of Trump, but she pushed for Thursday night’s hearing.

“Every American should consider this,” she said. “Can a president who was willing to make the choice made by Donald Trump during the January 6th violence regain any power in our great country?”