$1,500 reward for stolen dog Disco

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A couple from Las Vegas who had their SUV and two dogs stolen during a short stay in St. Louis. Louis extended their stay and increased the reward for the missing dog. Marcos Chaljub-Zambrano and Freddie Zambrano-Chaljub are now offering a $1,500 reward for the safe return of their French bulldog Disco.

“We can’t leave without exhausting every effort to get him back,” Freddie said.

Marcos and Freddie were traveling 48 states when their SUV was stolen on Monday near 14th and Washington Avenues. It contained all their belongings for the trip and their 2 dogs. One of the dogs, Rocky, was found later.

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Police told them Thursday night that their stolen Hyundai Sante Fe SUV had been found.

“So he came back in surprisingly good condition. It is rideable and the car has only a few minor dents,” said Freddie.

The couple planned to spend only one night in St. Petersburg. Louis, but there are seven days left. Since Monday they’ve been checking reports of Disco in O’Fallon Park and Fox Park.

The owners of several houses near the scene of the theft provided them with surveillance video of the suspects who stole their SUV. The video shows three people walking down the sidewalk to their car, one of them wearing a surgical mask. In the video, a Metro bus can be seen obscuring the view of the SUV, and as it pulls away, the car and the three suspects are gone.

The video may help the police identify the suspects, but Freddie and Marcos are more hopeful that the reward will be the key to getting Disco back.

“We hope this will encourage anyone who has one to reconcile or bring it to us rather than trying to sell it on the street to a stranger,” Marcos said.

Marcos and Freddie said they are grateful for the help and support they received, including donations from lost dog groups in the form of rewards and free accommodation during the search.

If you find Disco or know where he is, you can contact them at (347) 558-2316 or (917) 804-8059.