Boat explosion at Kings Point hospitalizes 5 people, including two children.

Five people, including two children, were hospitalized with minor injuries after a boat explosion at Kings Point on Friday, a Great Neck fire chief said.

Chief John Purcell said a boat exploded in Steppingston Park.

He said the family of five was dropped off in a water taxi and launched their own 22-foot boat, which then exploded.

“There really was a big explosion on the boat. Three passengers were thrown overboard and two jumped overboard,” Purcell said.

The boat is now at the bottom of the harbor.

The water taxi driver turned around and picked up four of the five family members.

Purcell said the daughter of one of the people on the boat, who was on a jet ski, grabbed the fifth family member and took them to safety.

Three adults were taken to North Shore University Hospital and two children were taken to Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Purcell said the 5-year-old boy suffered severe injuries to his leg and arm.

“Perhaps a broken arm and a broken leg,” he said.

None of the injuries were life-threatening.

Purcell said the cause of the explosion was still being investigated, but it could have been some kind of malfunction.