Caan of ‘The Godfather’ Star James Caan’s Death Revealed

The Godfather starred James Caan. died earlier this month aged 82 from a heart attack and arterial disease, the Los Angeles County coroner revealed.

The actor’s cause of death was detailed coroner on Caan’s death certificate, which was the first received at TMZ.

The immediate cause of death was myocardial infarction, and the condition leading to it was coronary heart disease. Factors contributing to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure, according to the reference.

Caan, best known for playing Sonny Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, died on the night of July 6 at UCLA Medical Center.

His death was announced by his family in a tweet from his own account. It ended with his usual note: “End of tweet.”

Born in the Bronx and raised in Sunnyside, Queens, Caan was also known for his roles in films such as Brian’s Song, Misery and Elf. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in The Godfather.

His big break came in 1971 when he played terminally ill soccer player Brian Piccolo in the TV movie Brian’s Song. Both the movie and Kaan’s performance won critical acclaim. The following year, he starred in The Godfather.

Before his death, the actor was gotta be a star in Coppola’s next film, Megapolis.