crypto: North Korea denounces US over Washington’s remarks about cryptocurrency theft

North Korea on Saturday denounced comments by a senior White House official about Pyongyang’s cyberattack capabilities and said he would continue to resist what he called US aggression against him.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the designation of North Korea as a “group of criminals” reveals the true nature of Washington’s hostile policy towards North Korea.

Ann Neuberger, US Deputy National Security Adviser for Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies, reportedly said on Wednesday that the North Koreans are a crime syndicate pursuing proceeds “under the guise of a country.”

North Korea is widely believed to have thousands of trained hackers, and the theft of cryptocurrencies has become a major source of funding for the sanctions-hit country and its weapons programs.

“After all, the US administration has revealed the true picture of its most heinous hostile policy, once covered with a veil of “dialogue without conditions” and “diplomatic engagement,” the state-run KCNA news agency said, citing a Foreign Ministry spokesman. .

“Similarly, the DPRK will face the United States, the world’s only group of criminals.”

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