Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Surprises Comic-Con Attendees With Full ‘Black Adam’ Costume

While his days of fighting are over, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson never forgot how to put on a show.

The actor not only surprised fans on Saturday at the San Diego Convention Center for this year’s annual event. Comic-Conbut showed up in full garb for promotion Movie DClatest superhero movieBlack Adam”, to the applause of the rabid fans in Hall H, in accordance with the deadline.

Panels for DC Films, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. The photographs, long planned for the public and eagerly awaited by congress visitors, according to The Wrap. While fans were well aware that Johnson would be promoting Black Adam, he still made quite a notable outing.

“Hall X, you’ve been warned,” Johnson’s voice boomed over the speakers. “The DC Universe will never be the same again.”

With a colossal screen behind him depicting a flurry of lighting effects, Johnson raised his arms in a powerful pose only a superhero or anti-hero can pull off. Black Adam is best known as a supervillain who, after all, has all of Superman’s powers without remorse.

Johnson ultimately withdrew from the spectacle after his performance and returned to the stage to discuss the film in more detail. He was joined by Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra and actors Aldis Hodge. Noah Centineo and Quintessa Swindell.

“I heard that Black Adam was here,” Johnson joked.

Although the film’s premise that Black Adam was released after 5,000 years of imprisonment only to seek revenge has been made clear ever since. first trailer released in Junefans got an exclusive look at the new footage featuring Viola Davis like her unscrupulous Amanda Waller character.

In the new clip, explorers breach an ancient tomb – only for Black Adam to collapse and kill everyone in sight. The footage also showed the Justice Society, consisting of Atomic Smasher, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Dr. White. Fate is trying to stop him.

“It’s been a long journey full of passion and courage to promote Black Adam – it’s been over 10 years,” Johnson said. “Being here at Comic-Con in Hall H representing the DC hero, the anti-hero, is a dream come true.”

Although fans have also heard Hodge admit that being in the film “was one of the best moments of my career” and Centineo admitted that “it just blew my mind to be part of this universe”, no one was probably as happy as Johnson himself. he has attended Comic-Con for decades.

“When I started 20 years ago, many moons ago, I brought films here and hoped people would like them,” he said. “How can we create something fresh and unique… show and create something that no one has done before? My goal is to open a new era in the DC Universe.”

Black Adam will be released in US theaters on October 1st. 21.