FinTech 2022 Online Conference – Michael Shapiro, MD Synthesis, on the importance of disruptive innovation

Michael Shapiro is the Managing Director of Synthesis, a leading South African software development company.

In this role, he leads the company’s strategy, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and customer satisfaction efforts.

Shapiro has a keen interest in the FinTech sector, including how technology and information security are shaping the financial services industry.

He worked at Synthesis for nearly 20 years, first as director of business development and then in 2012 to his current position.

At this conference, Shapiro explains the difference between sustainable and disruptive innovation.

He then explains why it is important for South African businesses not only to focus on sustainable innovation, but also to explore breakthrough opportunities.

He then uses the Discovery Vitality platform as a great example of how South African businesses can use disruptive innovation to achieve extraordinary success.

Shapiro also discusses how local businesses can create a culture that fosters breakthrough innovation, including how businesses can restructure to reward this type of creativity.

He concludes by explaining how organizations can reject ideas that are not feasible without demotivating their employees to come up with them in the first place.

The full conference session between Michael Avery and Synthesis MD Michael Shapiro is embedded below.