iOS 16 launch: iOS 16: Androidization and some improvements

The arrival of the apple iPhone the release of the latest version of iOS is a welcome event on any gadget launch calendar. iPhone users are getting new features with the OS update and this year it’s iOS 16. We used the beta iOS 16 to see what stands out.

Androidization or iPhone?

For years, the main complaint about iOS has been that it’s not as customizable as Android. Since iOS 14, Apple took the first steps towards this, and with iOS 16 made a huge leap. The new operating system offers a brand new lock screen that allows users to change fonts, add multiple widgets, and more. You can create multiple lock screens and further customize them. This is an androidization of iOS, and perhaps opinions will be divided. This makes the home screen look much cooler than before; maybe Apple has finally won android in your game settings.

Edit, unsend messages:

If the lock screen is an Android replica, then some of the new features in iMessage are inspired by apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and other instant messaging apps. In iOS 16, users have the ability to edit a sent message and even cancel it within a certain amount of time. It might just save you some embarrassment. iMessages also got the “mark as unread” feature for the first time in iOS 16.

Three rings for the board:

If you used Apple Watch, then you would know that the three rings – the activity hub – can be all-consuming. iOS 16 brings these cool, motivating, and even annoying three bells to the Fitness app. This means that even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can better track your fitness.

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Goodbye captcha:

Traffic lights, stairs, fire hydrants – seeing them on this grid just to prove that you are really a person is really an eyesore. Not anymore, however, as Apple plans to kill Captcha with iOS 16. With iOS 16, Apple is introducing Private Access Tokens, which help you identify HTTP requests from legitimate devices and people without compromising your identity or personal information. It can be activated quite easily on iPhone and bypass captchas in apps and websites.

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