Martha Stewart talks about the deaths of her pet peacocks along with a sultry song by Marvin Gaye

Martha Stewart mourns the death of her pet peacocks after a fatal coyote attack.

Titan Cookbook Instagram Post Saturday included an interesting selection of a song in honor of her six feathered friends after the fatal ambush took place “in broad daylight.”

Stewart’s video for one of his late favorite peacocks, Blue Boy, was accompanied by Marvin Gaye’s sultry hit “Let’s Get It On”.

“R.I.P. beautiful BlueBoy” Stuart wrote. “The coyotes came in in broad daylight and ate him and five others, including the magnificent White Boy.”

The Martha Knows Best star later addressed the inappropriate tune, writing in the same post: “I have no idea how Marvin Gaye’s music ended up in this sad post, but when Blue Boy was alive, it would have been perfectly appropriate. “.

The home decor guru then asked for advice from her fans to prevent the same kind of travesty in the future. “Is there any solution to get rid of six large and aggressive coyotes that have expensive tastes when it comes to poultry?” she asked.

Stewart, who tweeted that she owns 21 “glorious birds” in May 2021, calling them “so friendly,” explained the precautions she plans to take on fluorescent-colored birds on her property in the future.

“We don’t let the peacocks out of their yard anymore, we enclose the top of their large yard with a wire fence, etc,” she added.

Stewart also wrote about her peacocks in Blog Martha Stewart in July 2020, calling them “curious”.

“I visit these beautiful birds every day. I love to call them and wait for their energetic responses. My peacocks are doing exceptionally well and remain active, curious and very, very loud,” she wrote.

The death of Stewart’s peacocks came just months after the death of her cat Princess Peony. fatally attacked her four dogs.

“Burying the beautiful and unusual Princess Peony”, TV presenter posted on instagram next to the solemn photograph of the burial of the cat. “Four dogs mistook her for an intruder and killed her defenseless little self. I will miss her very much.”

Stewart is known for owning an imposing many animals. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many pets she currently owns, she’s previously spoken about owning dogs, cats, chinchillas, canaries, parrots, ponies, donkeys, horses, sheep, goats, geese, turkeys, guinea fowls, quails, peacocks, pets. pigeons and hundreds of chickens.