Officer on the mend after being shot in the head in a deadly encounter last week

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (WXIX) — A police officer who was shot in the head last week in Warren County is recovering after his family says the bullet went through “his face.”

Clearcreek Township Police Officer Eric Ney answered a call about domestic violence July, 12. Man at the scene later identified how Mark Evers, 65, shot Ney before another police officer shot Evers, police say.

The Clearcreek Township Police Department identified Officer Eric Ney as the officer who...
The Township of Clearcreek Police Department has determined that Officer Eric Ney was shot in the head Tuesday night after receiving a domestic violence call. In this photo from the police department’s Facebook page, Ney was honored for 10 years of service and 10 years of flawless attendance.(Clercreek Police Department Facebook page)

Lisa Ruman is Ney’s sister. Ruman spoke to FOX19 Wednesday night, eight days after the shooting that landed her brother in a Miami Valley hospital.

“On Tuesday, July 12, I got a call… It was my niece,” she said. “I knew something was wrong. She said he had been shot in the face, so all I could think about was, “Oh my God, his face… his brain.”

Law enforcement sources said Nei was breathing on his own minutes after he was brought in by the medical helicopter. Lieutenant Wallace Stacy of the Clearcreek Township Police Department later described Ney as in critical but stable condition.

“I thought, ‘Shot in the face? It’s impossible…” Ruman recalled. “But I have strong faith — and he does. Our family knows. We have a lot of people who are praying for us – praying for him.”

For their part, the family’s prayers were answered the day after the shooting, when doctors revealed the extent of Ney’s injuries.

“I felt a lot better when I saw him on Wednesday,” Ruman said. “His face was no longer wrapped and he looked a lot better than I expected.”

The bullet entered under Ney’s right eye. It went “through his face,” Ruman explained, “and then out over his left ear.”

She continued, “His face looks amazing compared to what he went through. He has black and blue eyes. Now they are not sure about reconstructive surgery. They can’t see anything but the sinuses. He may have a slight loss of vision in his left eye and possibly a slight loss of hearing in his left ear.”

Ney has been in Miami Valley since the shooting happened. On Thursday, he moves into rehab.

His family says he might not have gotten this far and this fast without the support of his uniformed siblings.

“I know the police are closely connected to the police community,” Ruman said, “but I didn’t know how much until last week.”

Ruman recalls browsing social media days after the shooting. “It was a huge support not only from the community, but also from the nation.”

Ney has a long way to go, but his family believes he will get there.

“He will do everything in his power to get better and get back to work,” Ruman said, “back to his life.”

Hidden Valley Orchard have announced that they will be hosting a benefit evening for Ney and his family. July 20-24 from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm They also set up a link to donate for his recovery at a rehab center.

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