Outrage as Orban criticizes Europe for ‘mixing with non-Europeans’

The Hungarian prime minister sparked outrage on Saturday after criticizing Western European countries for “mixing” European and non-European populations in a keynote speech.

Viktor Orban stated that “the West is divided in two”, arguing that countries that mix Europeans and non-Europeans “are no longer nations”.

The ultranationalist conservative leader idealized the “unmixed Hungarian race” during his annual speech at the Tusvagnos Summer University in Romania.

“We [Hungarians] not mixed race … and we don’t want to become mixed race,” he said, causing a huge public outcry.

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, ethnic Hungarians are a mixture of Finno-Ugric Magyars and various assimilated Turkic, Slavic and Germanic peoples.

Katalin Cech, an MEP for the Hungarian opposition Momentum party, criticized Orban’s speech.

“His statements are reminiscent of a time that I think we would all like to forget,” she said. “They really show the true face of the regime,” she said.

Orban claimed that the West, Brussels and the “troops” of longtime Fidesz enemy George Soros were trying to “send migrants” to Central Europe.

Romanian MEP Alin Mituța also reacted angrily to Orban’s comments.

“To talk about racial or ethnic “purity”, especially in such a mixed region as Central and Eastern Europe, is purely delusional and dangerous. So is Mr Orban,” he tweeted.

Leader Fidesz predicted that the coming decade would be defined by uncertainty and war on the final day of the event in Romania, where he usually lays out his party’s views and directions for years to come.

This year, the Oxford-educated politician decided to push his controversial views on immigration, gender and geopolitics to thousands of viewers.

“There is a war going on, an energy crisis and military inflation, all this paints a screen before your eyes,” he said. “It draws a screen between us, gender and migration.”

“In fact, the future raises these questions,” Orban continued. “This is the great historical battle we are fighting: demographics, migration and gender. This is what is at stake in the struggle between the left and the right.”

His speech turned to criticism of Western military support for Ukraine, with Orban positioning himself as Moscow’s main ally in the European Union.

“If we stay away from war, migration, gender madness, global minimum tax and economic downturn, Hungary can keep its success,” he said.

According to the Hungarian prime minister, the war in Ukraine will not end until 2024, after the upcoming US elections. He suggested that Russia would not have invaded its neighbor if Donald Trump had stayed in the White House.

In his Saturday speech, Orban called for a renewed focus on peace talks, not on sanctions against Russia and arms to Ukraine.

“We Hungarians are the only ones who shed blood in that war, and those who criticize us are not,” he said. “Therefore, Hungary, as a neighboring country, has the right to say that peace is the only solution.

86 Hungarians died in the war in Ukraine, according to Daily News Hungary.

“Peace is the only solution to save lives and the only antidote to wartime inflation and war-induced economic crisis,” Orban said.

Orban’s speech followed the EU’s decision to withhold billions in recovery funds and a loan from Hungary over concerns that its right-wing government is not upholding the rule of law and fighting corruption.

Budapest has become more open and accommodating to EU demands in recent weeks in an attempt to get its hands on much-needed funds from the bloc.

Hungary’s currency recently hit record lows against the euro and the dollar, and its economy is experiencing the highest inflation in almost 25 years.