Pearl Jam frontman’s throat damaged by wildfires in France

LEGENDARY Rock band Pearl Jam was forced to cancel a show in Vienna earlier this week after Eddie Vedder’s famous voice was damaged while playing in France.

Everyone at the band’s last concert in Paris had to contend with the air affected by the nearby climate change-driven wildfires that have been raging there for more than a week.

“To all those who were looking forward to a great Pearl Jam show. [on Wednesday night] we were also in Vienna,” the group wrote on social networks.

“However, due to extreme circumstances at the last open venue outside of Paris (heat, dust and smoke from fires), our singer Ed Vedder’s throat was damaged. He went to the doctors and was treated, but his vocal cords have not yet recovered.

This is brutal news and a terrible time for everyone involved. Those who work so hard to put on shows, as well as those who give their precious time and energy to attend them.”

Members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame promised to return the money to ticket holders.

The message continued, “As a band, we are deeply sorry and have tried to find options to keep playing. And Ed wants to play. There is simply no throat available at the moment.”

According to their official website, Pearl Jam performed 22 songs, including hits. Uniform flow as well as Jeremiah, last Sunday at Lollapalooza Paris. A$AP Rocky and Imagine Dragons were the other two acts at the festival.

The band made headlines earlier this month when a video surfaced of Vedder kicking a fan out of one of their concerts for violent acts.

Pearl Jam’s next scheduled concert will take place in Amsterdam for two nights starting July 24th.

Following this, the North American leg of the tour will begin in Quebec, Canada on September 1st.