Twitter Accounts: Hacker Offers Data for 5.4M Twitter Accounts for $30,000: Report

BUT Twitter A security vulnerability discovered in early 2022 was used to collect account data from 5.4 million users, a new report says, and a hacker is putting the kit up for sale for $30,000.

According to AppleInsider, 5.4 million users are hacked, compared to 478 million. T-Mobile customers suffered in August 2021. That’s even small compared to the 70 million AT&T users affected later that month.

However, according to Restore Privacythe hacked data now being sold comes from a vulnerability reported in January 2022.

The microblogging site acknowledged that this was a serious security issue and even paid the discoverer.”Zhirinovsky“, a reward of $5,040.

“Just like HackerOne User zhirinovsky, described in the initial report in January, is now selling data allegedly obtained from this vulnerability,” said Sven Taylor of Restore Privacy.

“The post is still relevant, and the Twitter database of supposedly 5.4 million users is up for sale.”

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Taylor mentioned that they contacted the seller of this database to gather more information.

“The seller is asking for at least $30,000 for the database, which is now available due to ‘Twitter’s incompetence’, according to the seller.”

The seller posted this information on the Breach Forums website. According to Restore Privacy, the forum owner confirmed the authenticity of the leak.

A sample of available data is included in the Breach Forums post. It appears to show public Twitter profile information along with the phone numbers and/or email addresses used to log in.

It doesn’t seem to include passwords. While it contains email addresses that can be used with Twitter’s “Forgot Password” feature, an attacker would need to separately have access to the password to log into that email account.

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