Automated Pizza Partnership: Pizza Capsule

Sandwich shop Capriotti has announced a new pilot test of the Piestro Piestro Pod automated all-in-one pizza solution. Piestro Pod is a compact pizzeria that can perform all the basic functions of a pizzeria restaurant without the participation of staff. Piestro Pod can prepare fresh pizza with a specific set of ingredients, cook that pizza, cut the cooked pizza into slices and serve it to customers, all without the need for staff. This eliminates contact between people and reduces labor costs.

As part of the pilot test, Capriotti’s sandwich shop will start with a few Piestro pods in multiple locations with the intention of purchasing 100 Piestro pods if the device performs well in testing. The company believes that this will increase sales without increasing labor costs, as well as reduce the load during peak hours, such as during prime time for lunch or dinner.

Image Credit: Piestro