Beam Zero Emissions Mission

Beam Mobility’s “Drive Something New Today” campaign aims to educate locals about alternative, convenient, and greener modes of transport.

RAY Mobility, Asia-Pacific’s largest and fastest growing micromobility sharing company, has just launched its “Drive Something New Today” campaign to showcase the important role its shared e-scooter service plays in addressing the day-to-day challenge of doing the first and last task. miles traveled when using public transport.

Last week, Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown hosted a launch event with the aim of turning “small trips” into better trips and making cities more enjoyable for everyone.

Tati Azman, Head of Communications for Beam Mobility Malaysia, stated that “Beam e-scooters are built for convenience and encourage people to choose greener city center rides.”

“Due to its growing availability at key transit and destination points in the Klang Valley, the ability to quickly get on and off the e-scooter to travel door to door in minutes provides Malaysians with an easy and convenient solution for first and last mile. problems using public transport,” she added.

Tati also claims that “this increases the use of public transport while reducing dependence on private vehicles. The micromobility company complements the existing public transport infrastructure by offering simple, affordable and sustainable ways to navigate the city using e-scooters. Thus, Beam stated that riders save 2.65kg of CO2 emissions for every 10km they travel with Beam instead of a car.”

In Beam’s recent May 2022 survey of micromobility users, almost half of 1,800 respondents said the company’s services increased their likelihood of using public transport. In addition, 77% of regular riders said they always, often or occasionally use an electric scooter to get on or off public transportation.

At the same event, Taty spoke in detail about the technologies she uses to keep her passengers safe. One of the most notable features is its speed limiting system, which limits the speed of e-scooters to 25 km/h even when driving downhill, in accordance with a law introduced by the Malaysian Ministry of Transport for micro-mobile vehicles back in June. .

“Under the aluminum chassis of the Beam e-scooter is an efficient electric drivetrain and a high-end IoT communications device that combine to keep its users safe and responsible,” says Tati.

These new models of Beam e-scooters are also equipped with geo-fencing technology, which ensures that e-scooter users stay within micro-mobility vehicle usage zones approved by the local council and government.

This keeps drivers, pedestrians, and other vehicles safe by allowing Beam to detect misuse or placement of its vehicles, which can be corrected immediately. It was also said that all Beam e-scooters come with batteries certified to meet the strictest fire safety standards.

In addition to using numerous technologies, Beam keeps its riders safe with a personal safety training program known as “Beam Safe Academy”. The training is conducted by the company’s trained instructors and instructs participants on the proper use of e-scooters.

As such, Move Something New Today introduces the Beam Booster initiative, a platform that highlights local businesses with Beam’s patented virtual parking technology, which businesses claim can boost local economic growth and tourism.

Beam Mobility is also partnering with MDEC e-Rezeki, which has opened up job opportunities for local residents. The company is currently hiring over 250 Malaysian independent contractors as Beam Ranger to perform basic maintenance on its e-scooters.

The #BeamForAll campaign advocates for fair access to transportation services for all Malaysians to make e-scooters accessible and affordable. In light of the recognition of micromobility as a key component of the public transport system in Malaysia’s 12th Plan, this is more important than ever.